1. Nigga Turtles Spoofs 1-9. Amusing as fuck


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    carving out my own piece of history looks like

    understanding my emotions and not dismissing them. the creative process can be overwhelming. finding solace in never keeping my eyes off of the light. even when it tires me. i need my space but i want your time and you need your time and…


  3. God comes from a self-less place yall.

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    yani mo | nah/ledge (unofficial visuals)

    remember when i released that Compound/Words EP? of course you do. well sometime last spring i shot a video for the track nah/ledge in the living room of my old apartment with my beautiful franz. but i wasn’t really fuckin’ with it because of reasons so i told my brother (who directed it) not to release it. he uploaded it anyway (??!!) and then proceeded to forget his vimeo information months later. so it’s just like, been on the internet for over a year chillin’. but now that it’s been so long and my awkwardness has somewhat subsided and the memories attached to this whole semester are tuggin’ on my heart strings somethin’ terrible, well, here ya go internet.

     dis me, ya girl yani mo, rappin’. 

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  5. Still learning how to love.

    I want to say “Still learning how to love at 22” so yall can relate a little better,

    But It sounds much more vivid as a vague statement.

    Still learning how to love.

    I can articulate all of the elements of love except for genuinely accepting it.

    I give. But it’s so hard to receive


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    Remember #BringBackOurGirls? This Is What Has Happened In The 5 Months Since

    On the night of April 14, 2014, hundreds of schoolgirls at the Chibok boarding school in northeastern Nigeria awoke to the sound of gunfire. They saw men in camouflage approaching and thought soldiers were coming to save them from a militant attack, according to survivors’ accounts.


    Tragically, at least 11 parents of the kidnapped girls have been killed by militants or died of illness.

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    Today is the 11th anniversary of ‘You mad?’

    Bill is still mad.


    literal american hero

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  9. Wow.

    Triumph over war.

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  11. "Attention is the purest form of generosity."
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  12. All In The Mind


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    Decatur Psalm by Outkast


  14. Clayton County Mental Institution

    I have a lot of fucking music to do.

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    Protests today in Ferguson

    #ArrestDarrenWilson, #JusticeforMikeBrown, #BlackLivesMatter, #Ferguson

    I am so for this. Literally millions of vehicles travel I-70 every day; maybe it should be blocked off every day until shit gets done. People will sure as hell start paying attention again if the delivery trucks aren’t getting to the Walmarts to stock their fucking Doritos and Mt. Dew.



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