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    this is adorable

    The last two are so cute I want to cry


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  2. My conscious mind creating blocks

    That installs walls for all my thoughts

    The only cure for this problem lies

    In trusting a force I can’t describe


  3. "The world didn’t get worse, homie, your eyes just got wider."
    — fuckin deep ass top comment on youtube (via 7ns)

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    Meanwhile in Bangkok ….


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    is that Ryan Gosling in the bottom corner just completely in sync with n’sync….

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  6. "Wisdom tells me I am nothing.
    Love tells me I am everything.
    Between the two my life flows."
    — Nisargadatta Maharaj (via purplebuddhaproject)

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    rare footage

    these niggas was screamin like some hoes lmao

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  9. Gut Notes

    There is what your gut tells you to do…..

    And then there is “other”.

    Choose gut.

    Gut may do wrong… Gut may do right…but gut is always righteous.

    The gut is your peacemaker in the battle of good/bad/happy/sad that we all endure.

    And Love is the amplifier of all four elements of the battle. Love enhances the gut into the nucleus of elements that everyone on Earth praises.

    Dumb, intelligent, healthy or sick we all want to happy. Some things that make us happy harm others. Some acts do more harm than other acts do. Some of the things we do out of love and/or innocence are evil in someone else’s eyes. It’s all about YOU, and how quick your gut can cycle the rotation of feelings that go into every thought we have.

    Love on.

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  11. Drugs.


  12. y’all don’t have Johnny bravo anymore that’s y yall don’t respect women or stunt hard in black tees

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  13. Opened a fresh bag of Honey Barbecue Lays and look how low that bit starts…… I feel robbed.


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    rugrats is proof that white people dont be watching they kids

    We rarely saw Susie cause her mama kept dat ass on a rope

    shit sussie was on her way to be a doctor she couldnt be hanging around them crazy ass white people losing their kids in the woods destroying Paris and shit. thats not good pr for black folks

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    Wanna Get To Know You (ft. Joe) - G-Unit

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